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Why I Still Wear My Unethical Clothes

To be honest, this should’ve been a new outfit post but I got criticised for wearing unethically made clothes when I support the opposites.

And I feel I have to clear some things up.

I made wrong choices before. I know it and I’m not proud of that. But at least I try to be better. I may make mistakes. But I try not to.

Being better, still, doesn’t mean I should not wear almost all of my clothes because they’re unethically made.

I have already purchased them. The money I paid for them won’t disappear from their brands and the damage is already done. Just because I changed my way of buying clothes, that doesn’t mean I can change the past.

Getting rid of those clothes wouldn’t really have good consequences, either.

The only thing coming out of it is waste. Waste that will eventually get in landfills, incinerated or into countries like Haiti because thrift stores can’t sell all the clothes or charities are maybe too full with these.

People buy and get rid of so much clothing, that they get to inundate other countries with them. And because of those big amounts of clothing, people from those countries lose jobs and with losing their jobs, they’re losing more and more things.

Then it comes to some sustainability problems. Many of my clothes have synthetic fibers in them. If they get in landfills or incinerated, those plastic particles in them will have 100% chances to emit harmful gases. And not only the clothes with synthetic fibers are problematic. Yes, they’ll eventually do that but it’s better later than now.

Also, I can still wear my clothes because they’re in good condition and, more or less, I like how they look.

Seriously, I don’t have any reason to get rid of them now.

When you see my outfit posts with those clothes, I don’t wear them to make you buy them. I don’t wear them to support the brands. I wear them to give you some ideas of outfits.

You may like them or not. Personally, I think I can do better with them.

You can find pieces that look similar, you can find those pieces in a thrift store and you can try to make something like them. Or you can simply try those combinations without having the same-looking clothes.

Speaking of thrifted items, my arguments from this post kind of go with why you should buy them.

If you have any questions (regarding whatever is on my blog, actually), you can write me in the comments section.

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