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What To Visit In Romania

Let me ask you. What did you hear about places to visit in Romania?

Most of you will say Bran Castle and/or Bucharest. Right?

Well. There are a lot of nice places besides these and wanting or not wanting, the country can be amazing to see. Colorful buildings in Sighișoara, a beautiful botanical garden in Cluj-Napoca, lakes,…

From a Romanian who hasn’t been to many of them but wants to, here are some nice places which I think deserve more or less to be seen.

I’ll put a “+” to where I’ve been.


Some more beautiful than others, you still have what to see – even if only for some days. Two of them, Sibiu and Timișoara, have also won the title of the European Culture Capital – Sibiu 2007 and Timișoara 2021.

  1. Sighișoarasource
  2. Sibiu +source
  3. Timișoara +my IG
  4. Târgu Jiu
  5. Cluj-Napoca
  6. Oradea
  7. Drobeta Turnu Severin
  8. Brașov +source
  9. Hunedoara +
  10. Iași
  11. Alba Iulia +source


  1. Bigăr Waterfall
  2. Horezu monasterysource
  3. Voroneț monastery
  4. Saint Anna Lake
  5. Salina Turda
  6. Salina Praid +
  7. Scărișoara Cave + my Instagram
  8. The Bears’ Cave +
  9. The Red Lake +
  10. Bîlea Lake
  11. The Merry Cemetery in Săpănța +source
  12. The Fairies’ Valleysource
  13. Danube Deltasource
  14. Peleș Castle


What do you think about them? Would you add other places?




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