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What About “Cowspiracy” & “What The Health”?

Last month was all about documentaries for me.


One word: Netflix

Yes, I’ve finally made myself a Netflix account!

I would have loved if I had more to watch, to be honest. I was interested in so many things and when I searched for them, I could barely find anything I was looking for.

But I got to some documentaries and today I’ll talk about two of them: “Cowspiracy” and “What The Health”.

They both have the same purpose: to promote veganism.

But while the former talks about how being an omnivore isn’t sustainable, the latter talks about the health issues regarding that way of being.


From this movie, we learn about how cattle breeding emits the most greenhouse gases and how fishing and the need of lands for breeding makes humans destroy the other types of habitats. And also, how animals need so much food, that if we stopped breeding cattle for meat, we would be able to feed every human in this world.

What The Health

And from this, we learn about the health risks meat and dairy bring and how they’re worse than sugar, smoking, and alcohol.


Both of them speak about some conspiracies to cover up these problems.

And also, both are somehow true and somehow wrong.

I do believe that cattle breeding and fishing destroys habitats and that being vegan helps. And at the end of the day, we’re all vegans. You may eat meat and dairy, honey, eggs. But you still can’t live without eating plants aka the vegan alimentation.

Also, I appreciate the film-makers care about the animals, which are abused and killed for these industries.


First of all, just because environmental and health associations didn’t want to speak with the film-makers, doesn’t mean a conspiracy exists. I seriously don’t want to argue with someone who doesn’t have his/her facts straight because it’s a waste of time and nerves. And they wanted to argue with the administrative assistants in the first place. Then they tried to speak with some executives. Since when is “administrative assistant” synonym to “health professional”/”environmentalist”? And not to mention, they edited interviews when they finally got the chance. They went to the associations in person after they tried calling and emailing them.

Then, the animals get the lower quality grains while the humans get the higher ones, so you can’t really feed all the humans with the animals’ food. Also, even if you have enough food in the world, if the rich don’t want to give the poor food, famine will still exist.

On that part with the greenhouse gases I’m not going to comment because I don’t know much about it.

Beside the main ideas, the documentary also minimizes kind of too much the dangers of plastic, fossil fuels, and palm oil production. And that’s the problem with the second documentary too. It minimizes too much the dangers of sugar, alcohol, and smoking.

Also, in the second documentary, changing to a vegan alimentation appears to have astonishing effects in a very short period of time. For example, this woman who had to take a lot of medicine miraculously healed in two weeks by changing how she ate.

Look, I’ve always believed that a healthy lifestyle can prevent and solve many problems but it doesn’t happen overnight. And yes, these medicines, operations, etc are more like a business. But nothing happens overnight. And you can’t say that meat and dairy are always the reason for health problems. This is coming from a vegetarian who will eventually become vegan.

Yes, veganism is healthier. Many say vegans can’t get enough proteins, calcium,… but they can’t be more wrong. They can get enough proteins by eating nuts and legumes or calcium by eating greens and not only. The thing is, they need to be more conscious of how much they consume because they can have deficiencies.

Another thing which I agree on is that processed food is very unhealthy (so, basically, most of the food in the US).

The documentary also highlights the food companies giving money to the national public health groups, which is a problem because it affects what they do. You can’t expect a health group taking money from companies like KFC to actually promote health mostly, right? But they do promote some health.

So, yes… While the films make some good points, overall, I find them pretty misinforming.

Have you watched the films? What do you think of them? Should I add some other things?

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