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From doortofashion to thejourneyofafashiongirl to journeyofafashiongirl and finally maymimix, the blog got many names. As the name grew up, I grew up and eventually transformed the blog into a site:

I’m so happy about it! It all happened the Friday before Easter, so you can say the bunny gave it to me.

Then I had some days of editing when I would curse under my breath because I didn’t understand some things, but I figured them out later and happiness got through me. I also edited posts here and there, however, I thought that it’s better to not edit too much of them because it shows from what I started and where I’m now even if I know I’m not perfect at writing.

I went to Bucharest afterward. With some edits to make, I traveled to the capital. It didn’t occur to me at that moment that I need my laptop to make the most of them, so I couldn’t do very much. Then it followed with days with headaches, volunteering, and homework at Romanian (Hey, dear philologists!). So, I’ll just do them on a vacation.

Until then, I can say anyway that this is a beginning. I’m very proud of this and hope you’ll like it here.

Welcome to!


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