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Why I Want To Have A Social Media Detox Again

At the beginning of the year, in my winter vacation, I had a social media detox for two days.

Ok. Kind of.

I had more like a device detox, though I was listening to music. Music is life. Don’t judge me!

But it was still sort of like a social media detox because I usually stay a lot and mostly on it.


It. Was. Amazing.

Not checking my social media made me feel more energized and, in turn, more productive. A lot more productive. I finished all my chores, worked out, went outside, danced, did Yoga, colored, read, wrote… It’s amazing how I’ve done all these things in only two days. Usually, all these tasks take me a week or more to do them.

Also, I cared more about my eating habits and made myself more nutritive and delicious meals.

Waking up and falling asleep wasn’t a struggle anymore too.

Then, I felt so good mentally! Just imagine how you don’t have to worry about all these toxic people from your life whom you can’t unfriend on Facebook because you need them. Or how you don’t have to see all these hateful people’s comments. Talking about this, I deleted my Twitter a bit ago and I already feel so much better. Also, you don’t feel like comparing to others. So much negativity leaves you alone when you ignore these!

I’ve, honestly, never been more productive and I’ve never felt better and freer than in those two days!

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