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“Turtles All The Way Down” By John Green

I went with my friend to a bookstore in December (it’s so weird saying this in the past tense as today is the day I went there!)

While she was searching mostly through the Romanian books, I was in my English-filled universe and made a list of books I  found there and liked.  A hint for you: it wasn’t very short.

And also searched for something to read there. I got a more Christmasy book at first but then I saw this and I had to read it.

I still had 90 pages to read but I wrote about the rest the next week after I had finished. Ok. This feels even weirder. To speak about the future as past.

Yes… I finished it yesterday. 13th January

This is maybe the best of John Green’s books.

To be honest, I finished only “Looking For Alaska” by him. I started the others before it but I got either very stressed or too lazy, so I watched TFIOS and “Paper Towns” instead then. But I do want to finish them.

Something I can say about “Turtles All The Way Down” is that it focuses more on Aza’s, the protagonist’s, OCD and anxiety than on other things like this story about the lost billionaire man thing and the relationship between her and this man’s boy. Which was ok, by the way. Even if he had to leave the city by the end. The relationships of the characters in this book were very ok represented. And I was so relieved because of it.

Like. In LFA everyone was so sexually charged. They were so obsessed with sex and I find that in that story love is kind of replaced by it. They were also with alcohol, smoking and everything and man… What the hell? I found myself a lot more in Aza than in any character from LFA. And I don’t even have OCD or such a strong anxiety.

But probably if I had it, I would be similar to her. Speaking of OCD and anxiety, I really liked the portrayals of them. While these illnesses weren’t the most amazing (which illness is?), they were treated very well and with hope.

Another thing: I saw some reviews about the book that said it has a too complex dialogue and seriously? I’m fifteen, not five. It doesn’t. Just because I’m a teen, that doesn’t mean I can’t be mature and speak like that. It’s a pretty ageist thing to say.





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