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“The Sun Is Also A Star” By Nicola Yoon

This book is so beautifully written! Too fast-paced. But beautiful.

And cute. Don’t forget that!

I saw a trailer for “Everything, Everything” on Facebook and I said I have to watch the movie. And then I saw that it’s based on a book. Of course, I said I have to read the book then!

Really. Have you ever read “Insurgent” and then watched the movie? Don’t get me wrong. I love the actors. I love Shailene Woodley. But it was so different (in a bad way) than the book. Most of the movies based on books are like this, actually.

Anyway. I was left with such a sour taste from it and I swore I’ll never watch movies based on books again. Ok. Maybe with a few exceptions.

What was I saying again?

Ah! Yes.

I said I have to read “Everything, Everything”. I guess you’ve already figured out I didn’t read it.

Because I got into Bookstagrams and I saw this girl, Jill, loving “The Sun Is Also A Star”.

So, yes…

Back to the book:

It centers around Natasha, a Jamaican, and Daniel, a Korean, but you can learn about the other characters too. For example, this lonely woman who wants to commit suicide. Or about Daniel’s parents.

You can learn many things from these stories. Psychologically speaking.

And you can also learn about Dark Matter or fate and many others. Chapters are dedicated to them.

Also, there are some problems in this book like deportation, racism, college choices… Though, they’re a bit lighter told.

The main theme is the love between these two teens, which is, as said in the beginning, too fast-paced. Why? It happens in a day. Only. A. Day.

And this “on her jacket is written <<God>> in Latin, so it’s obviously a sign from God that she’s the One” thing is plain stupid.

I find Daniel’s love test stupid too. He tries to make Natasha fall in love with him through it because the girl believes in science and not in feelings.

But otherwise, they’re love is too cute! A bit cheesy. But too cute!







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