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Shopping Alone: Pros & Cons


  1. You choose and buy what you like instead of letting your friends/family influence you. They can influence you to not buy something because, for them, the thing you want is not worth the money/looks slutty/they simply don’t like it/smells bad/other reasons or they can influence you to buy something because they like it.
  2. You go whenever and stay how much you want.
  3. You don’t need to wait for each other. I don’t know about you but I hate waiting for someone more than 10 minutes in a single store and I don’t like to bore my friends with the waiting as well.
  4. You don’t have to show each other what you both are trying on. It saves time and judgments.
  5. You go to the stores you want.
  6. You do everything in your own rhythm.


  1. A friend/family member can help you get you out of your comfort zone. Seriously, when I saw the dress, I said “no” the first time because of the tight bottom part of it but now I’m ok with the dress from the album pictures.
  2. It’s kind of lonely when you’re shopping and the only persons you speak to are the sellers when you greet them. Being around someone – especially, a person with whom you enjoy spending time with- is more fun.
  3. The shopping partner can notice something that you didn’t notice whether it’s an imperfection which you wouldn’t like the product to have or (s)he notices a product which you might like.
  4. A second opinion really helps sometimes. Sometimes I don’t realize soon enough that with some stuff I look pretty bad and end up buying it, later finding myself in front of the mirror not liking it.
  5. Nobody can help you with the shopping bags if you bought too much, however, I would only put a family member to help me with them.
  6. If your shopping partner eats healthier than you, you wouldn’t buy as much unhealthy food as you would buy it alone or you wouldn’t buy unhealthy food at all. 
  7. If you’re buying furniture and decorations for a house which you share with someone, it’s better to go with the person(s) with whom you share the house because everybody has their own taste and I don’t think you would like to have a black and white-themed house when you like bright colors.
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