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Ruffles And Vinyl

Yesterday I chose to wear a nude blouse half tucked in a pair of black vinyl pants and some black combat boots. The ruffles and golden dots on the blouse and the ruffles below the pants’ hemline, alongside the blouse’s material-veil- and the vinyl, help the outfit make some sort of a delicate statement. Under the blouse, I wore a nude undershirt because it was too sheer. The pants fit me somewhere between capris and leg-length if I stand up.

As an accessory, you can count my dark purple eyeglasses.

Besides the glasses, the lipstick adds another pop of color to the outfit. It has this purple-gray hue. I’m not very sure how well it can be seen in the picture but that’s the color. The color of a corpse’s lips! That’s what I’ve been told.

I find it like a chic everyday outfit with a touch of romance.

Oh! By the way, don’t be surprised if you see a walking corpse on the street. It’s just me.

blouse: Nifty by Josephine

pants: Nifty by Josephine

boots: Benvenuti

lipstick: NYX Lingerie in “Embellishment”


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