Perfect For Summer: Overalls & Dresses

Summer… that season with three months of sunny and hot days when many people enjoy the beach, the trips, the relaxation, nature and many others. It is also the season of short and airy clothing and because of it, I decided to do a list of overalls and dresses which I like:

  1. IVY-ROMPERS-FRONTby Ioana Ciolacu
  2. 5741328110002_000_d.jpegby Minkpink
  3. 39894795_027_aby Free People
  4. 37637378_010_a.jpegby Free People
  5. 38257606_011_a.jpegby Free People
  6. 38424818_011_a.jpegby Free People
  7. 36777175_040_aby Free People
  8. 20a-900x1160.jpgby Manuri
  9. 61077025_37.jpg
    from Mango
  10. 63067017_67.jpgfrom Mango
  11. 5130088805209_067_bby Kimchi Blue
  12. image3xxl-2from Asos
  13. image2xxlfrom Asos
  14. 689708_main.jpegfrom River Island
  15. image4xxl.jpgfrom Asos
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