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November Notes

I finally did it! I finally presented myself as a blogger!

Ok, kind of.

Friday I went to November Notes in Social Media, a blogging conference organized by BloggingTM 2.1 for the second time.

I didn’t have many things to learn because I’ve learned a lot in the past year about blogging (theoretically speaking) but the speakers still managed to make it sound more interesting.

Seriously. I went to many conferences (not about blogging but still…) and they were so boring! I even fell asleep at some.

So, if you know Romanian and happen to be in Timișoara around 10 November and I shouldn’t forget, if you are passionate about these things (blogging, social media,…), I really recommend you to go there. Especially if you’re a beginner.

There were also two workshops on Saturday. One was about building a Wordpress site and the other about marketing.

I stayed at the conference from around 10:40 to 18 and we had two breaks. In the first one, we could have coffee, water, juice, pretzels and some ice cream from my favorite brand. And in the second one, we also had drinks and some sweets like tarts and some pastry things I don’t know the translations of. They were delicious.

And the ice cream was in such a cute freezer!

I don’t have any photos of it or from the event in general except one of my outfit and some paintings hanging there.

Sorry, but I liked them too much!

I bet the people were amazing as well and I’m saying this because I spent my time mostly with only a girl whom I met there, so I can’t say surely that the others are. But I’m pretty optimistic about them.

About the outfit: I finally made a more special outfit with my clothes! And I really don’t understand why my lipstick looks brownish when it’s actually dark purple-grayish but ok… My boots are liquid blue, by the way.

And these are some things I got from the conference. I also got two flyers, the latest issue of Altfel magazine and a paper from Verde Pentru Biciclete saying “I’m a blogger and a bicyclist”.








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