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From Where Not To Eat In Timișoara, Romania

Usually, there are lists with “Where To Eat” but then you don’t know where not to eat and why. They are useful but not entirely.

I ate really bad today (24th August) and it made me write this list.

So here are some places I advise you to not eat from:

  • Papri in Bega Shopping Center

    This place in the food-court on the last floor is from where I bought food today.

    One word for it: salty. Very salty, actually. I and my father’s wife bought a serving of spinach and a slice of fried cheese for me while for the others of my family, we bought some vegetable soup and stuffed green peppers. They were so salty! We couldn’t even finish the food.

    You know what made it worse? My father’s wife found worms in the soup. What the heck?

    And if that’s not enough, we were charged more for my food by the man and woman working there.

    They both told us that what we asked for was the menu and the man even put it on the receipt but it wasn’t. First of all, the menu which I’m talking about consists of 3 things: something I don’t remember, garnish and cabbage salad. Secondly, it’s obvious that the food couldn’t cost that much. And thirdly, they stopped and stared in disgust as we asked about the menu and as we looked at it too. We didn’t say anything to them but thought that you should know. Especially if you don’t know Romanian. Still, be aware of what you buy, how much it costs and how much you’re charged everywhere. You don’t know when can it happen.

  • Misto Restaurant

    Personally, I haven’t been there but a friend told me the food isn’t very good and prices are above average. I’ve also read some reviews which told the same.

  • Cora Pizzeria

    You’re going to hear from many that it’s “the best pizzeria in town” but I don’t think they went into others before. We ordered from them many times because we didn’t have much time to go and buy food nor to make it. I’ve never liked what I was eating. It has always been dry and thick with poor ingredients.

These are only three places but if you have other suggestions for this list, feel free to tell me in the comments ↓

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