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“Noblesse Oblige” By Christine Gräfin Von Brühl

This is such a good book! With a gorgeous cover too!

My classmate brought it at the school and gave it to me to read. I’ve read it through all breaks and classes but I only finished 10 chapters, so I bought my own copy almost immediately after school from La Două Bufnițe. I couldn’t stop there.

There are 19 chapters with each holding a different story centered around the noble life and its habits, rules, traditions… You get it.

It’s fascinating and gives you exactly what’s written on the back:

“A discreet invitation and an elegant bustle through the palaces’ mysteries, with a princely confidence in the refinement’s jubilation

Nobleness and dignity, good manners, aesthetic emotions and aristocratic education, generosity and sanity, severity, clemency and unwritten rules.

In essence, a life lesson governed by the common sense’s naturalness.”

No, I wouldn’t be able to live like that. I don’t really go by the rules. I mean… I like being relaxed and not having obligations. I like being free. Free while good beings are the freest possible. I like to go by love. It’s just hard when a lot of persons don’t. Very hard.

The nobles’ lifestyle is still in beautiful pictures in my head, even if I don’t consider it very liveable.

The last three lines are some rules as well as titles of chapters: “Be mannered! And happy! Learn to lose! Avoid the hypocrite! Marry the right human! Speak clearly! Converse! Dress correctly! Think right!”.



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