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Kids Under 13 And Social Media

I made my Facebook account more than 5 years ago when I was 9 years old. I made my Instagram account somewhere in 2013 when I was 11. I made my first Twitter account in 2012 when I was 10.

Why did I make them?

My classmates began having Facebook accounts and I thought I would be “cooler” if I would have one as well as other social media accounts.

My Facebook account helped me in a way because we eventually made a facebook group for the whole class.

Twitter didn’t help me at all at that time. Honestly, I didn’t even know how to use it and 2 years ago, I deleted it.

Instagram… well I wasn’t a fan of it until last year.

Even if Facebook (Maymimix) helped me in that way, it came with a major downside. Back then, I would play a lot. Like really… A LOT. I was looking through my Facebook activity log from the previous years and I couldn’t believe how much time I’ve spent on it. Most of my activity log was constituted by ourWorld, Stardoll, Fashion Designer, Mall World, Dragon City, Farmandia, and Logo Game. Also, I would respond a lot to polls like: “You have an account of…”, “Do you like tanning yourselves?”, “On which floor do you live?”. The most surprising one was “What is the swear word which you use the most?” (12th July 2012, my dears). Also somewhere in 2012-2013, I posted some embarrassing pictures and thank god, nobody remembers them!

So yeah, I’ve spent my first 4 years of Facebook wasting my childhood and my early years on the platform were spent by me embarrassing myself.

Now about Instagram (@karlabaltaceanu): I wasn’t a fan back then because I didn’t realize that it can be good at training your eyes to see the beauty in things, for inspiration and at training your creativity. But the thing is: I was not a fan. Many other kids are and let the fake lives of others rule theirs.

Tumblr (maymimix)… The thing with it is that depressive shit dominates the platform. It can be a good source of inspiration but without the most of the posts.

These are just some social media platforms examples.

Another problem with social media: likes. Kids care about those and if they don’t get enough of them, they think that they are rubbish and try to imitate the others by losing what makes them themselves. Likes aren’t only a problem for kids but they’re the most affected by them.

Conclusion: Kids usually just make accounts because they want to feel “cool”, like the others, even if they may not know what’s the actual purpose of them. They do embarrassing things without noticing because they’re not mature enough and most importantly, they waste their childhood by locking themselves behind the screens and by trying to imitate others.

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