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Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Vegan and cruelty-free – the bases of Kat Von D Beauty

And great shades of lipsticks!

I’ve wanted to buy her liquid lipsticks for a long time and then I searched for them in Barcelona and couldn’t find them. I probably wasn’t very watchful as I was searching but whatever. I got one now and I love it!

Bought it in the shade “Ayesha”, which is, as described on the site, a “rich lavender” shade. It really is a rich lavender one and it’s so amazing because lavender purple is one of my favorite colors!

The formula for it is quite interesting. It starts maybe too liquid but ends matte. Also, it doesn’t dry your lips, though it’s better if you apply lip balm before using the lipstick. I would recommend doing this before any lipstick, honestly.

The lipstick can be long-lasting. Just be careful, so no oil will get to your lips. But I don’t believe it’s as long-lasting as it says to be (24 hours). Though. Who, for god’s sake, needs a lipstick to last that much?

All this is found in a tube, which seems sort of slim. Or maybe I’m just used to thickerĀ ones, so it seems a bit weird to me to hold it.

But let’s talk about the package. Shall we? It’s so beautiful, reminding me of gothic style and tattoos (which, by the way, she’s pretty good at). And I would love to be able to do those fonts.

This lipstick is 20$ in the USA and a bit more (but not with much) in Romania, at Sephora. I believe it’s really worth the money. And going to Sephora because I don’t think there are other nice brands there. No, their own brand isn’t as well.

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