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How To Not Be Ugly

When I was younger I used to hear I were ugly.

I was 10, if not 15, kg heavier and plumper.

My face seemed also a problem. I hated my face shape, my not so high cheekbones, my nose shape, my eyebrows. I had some acne too.

I also hated my green eyes and my dark, not so straight hair. I know my hair is more straight than curly but I wanted that perfect straightness.

Once, a high school girl came to me while I was entering the school. I was in the sixth grade. She left her group of friends to ask me if I cried. I didn’t and so I said. She went back to her friends and was like: “Hey! Did you see that girl? She’s so ugly!”.

I cried after this. Like. Even people I’ve never met before told me I were ugly, so I had to be like that.

Now I don’t understand why I listened to them and why I hated how I looked.

The photo is from that time. Honestly, I think I looked pretty good (Ignore the fact that I probably used some black eyeshadow, that I had to edit it much because of the very bad lighting and the bad clarity because I had a Samsung at that time).

This is a better and more recent one.

I know I’m not the only one who struggled with this. Everyone struggles with self-image at some point. It doesn’t matter if someone bullied them or not. And believe me, even the people you find the hottest struggle.

So here are some props for you:

Look into the mirror and at older photos.

What do you see?

Look closer.


Say: “I’m beautiful!”.

Repeat every day.

Realize you’re not and you’ve never been ugly.







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