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How To Learn Languages Easily

From a better job to learning better about other cultures and many more, learning new languages helps you with so many things!

And I know some of you need some tips for it, so here they are:

1.) Watch movies, videos or shows, read books or articles, listen to music, set your devices in another language and when you navigate through websites try the ones in the language you want to learn

This is how I’ve earned the majority of my English knowledge and vocabulary.

2.) Make connections

Currently, I’m learning Dutch and French. I’m almost always making connections between French and English or Dutch and German and it really helps me learn these languages.

I also read the foreign word, the meaning and then associate it with the things which surround me or at least I imagine those things.

Sometimes these can be creative made. I mean. You have “kylling” in Danish and it means “chicken”. It looks like killing and you can think that chickens are maybe the most killed for food… Sorry for my example… But you get what I mean.

3.) Speak the language

or at least try to speak it. Even though it seems hard at first, by speaking the language you will master it better.

4.) Learn through pairs of antonyms and synonyms

because, if you don’t know the meaning of a word but you know the meaning of its antonym/synonym, you can deduce the meaning of it.

5.) Write in that language

because it makes you search for words, expressions and grammar rules. And it helps more when you search for them than when you try to memorize them like a machine.

  • ciara

    your tips are so helpful 🙂 Thank you

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad they help you 🙂

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