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Henna Tattoo&Ana’s Work

I have finally got a henna tattoo!!! You know that feeling when you’re 5 years old and get sweets? I kind of had that one while I was looking at my new tattoo! I have wanted it for a couple of months and now I had a chance to get one.

It was made on Sunday-20th November-by Ana from Ana’s Work in around 30 minutes with a henna paste, then I let it dry for another half an hour. She put lemon juice mixed with sugar on it and then I let it dry for about 12 hours. After those 12 hours, I took the paste, which didn’t chip, off.

The photo was taken on Wednesday-23d November. Today-7th December-I have some traces of my tattoo, however, they aren’t very visible.

I want to get more henna tattoos because they’re really beautiful. Maybe even made by Ana because she’s talented and nice.

the inspiration for it:




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