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Hello, Cooler Weather!

We finally have cooler weather! Around 15-20 degrees cooler and it’s amazing!

Ok… kind of… because I felt sick yesterday and today I got a headache due to it. But I don’t have to feel like dying because of the hotness and that’s something. Right?

So, thanks to the weather, I thought I’d share with you this outfit.

My items are not very ethically made because I’d bought them in early June and before.

The boots are from Benvenuti, the pants are from Orsay, the bag is from Mango, the top is from New Yorker and my cardigan is from the kids’ section in Zara. The pants are the newest.

My earrings are from a fair, tho. I remember being a cold evening three-four years ago. Tables were arranged in the Union’s Square, in front of the museum and this lady had beads, charms and these accessories for making jewelry on some tables. These Eiffel Tower charms were and still are my favorites.

As for the lipstick, it is a made-in-Sephora one. The shade is R17.


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