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Graduated The 8th Grade?

I can’t believe I’ve just finished the 8th grade. That I’m having exams in 10 days. That I’m breaking up with my classmates whom I’ve had since the first grade (well, most of them; I just feel like I’ve known each of my classmates since the 1st grade). That this September I’m going to begin the high school.

Today was officially the last day of school for us, eighth graders. It was marked with the premieres where I’ve got an honorable mention. Then I went to a cafe with my classmates, drank some mint lemonade, struggled with my dress due to the strong wind (don’t tell me that it didn’t happen to you at least one time) and went home.

Seriously, a combination of feelings and emotions is crossing me right now. During these eight years, good things (the fun, the friendships) and bad things (the bullying, the manipulation, the hate, the depression, the shyness)  happened to me. I’ve  learned many life lessons and I’ve become stronger. My classmates… I’ll miss them. No matter how many bad or good things they’ve done to me. I will miss each of them in some way.

Below are some photos of what I wore to the premieres:



I wore:

dress: StarShiners

necklace: Accessorize

shoes: Bata

bag: Mango




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