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Fashion Fridays XIIth Edition 

Fashion Fridays got to its XIIth edition. It took place between 10th-12th December at Zai Après Café Timișoara and of course, I had to be there!

This is the first shopping fair I’ve ever gone to, however, it didn’t make the best impression to me.

For the little free space remained in the cafe, it was crowded. Then, I discovered some new local brands (my favorites were Elaide by Elena Popescu and Store and Stories) and tried clothes from these brands on, however, every piece I’ve tried on was too big. Based on how the clothes found at the fair fit me, I guess they were all seized M but I’m not sure. None of the items had sizes on them. It annoyed the heck out of me the thing with the sizes, so I didn’t want to find clothes for me anymore.

The only thing that I bought was a shampoo from BeautyBox. It is a good shampoo by the way. Really, the best I’ve tried so far. In spite of this, I was waiting to buy more because I liked many things. But then again… no sizes on the clothes and each one being the same big size for me…




and the shampoo:

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