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“Everything, Everything” By Nicola Yoon

Remember how I was talking about how I’d had to have the book and how I hadn’t started it because I bought Yoon’s other book? “The Sun Is Also A Star”?

Yes. Well. I started it some weeks ago. And then I got more stressed due to the school. And I finally finished it yesterday while waiting for the plane and on it!

It has many things in common with the other. Both have something korean, something american, something african american, fathers who lost their dreams and got horrible because of that, mothers who think they’re husband can be better and continue to stay with them, a too fast paced love story, a pretty big issue (SCID and illegal immigration) which kind of solves itself at the end of the book, parent(s) who goes through something very bad and doesn’t recover (the death of husband + brother and awful life in South Korea), a lover doubled as a stalker and I’m too tired to tell the rest. The idea is that they’re very alike.

Though, “The Sun Is Also A Star”’s issue is more realistically told and this book’s stalker is more realistic.

This book also has doodles in it. I enjoyed them.

The plot twist is something I’ve actually realized before the middle of the book, even though I wanted to know if I was right.

There’s a message in this book I like. It’s based on the girl’s nurse’s quote: “Life is a gift”. I’ve always believed that quality tops quantity, so an amazing, exciting life with ups and downs is better to me than being locked in my house forever only so I can exist more years. There’s a difference between living and existing.

And although I like it, people with that kind of sickness may feel different about it.

The writing and structure, overall, are great and youthful, like the other’s.

Ever read this book? How was it for you?

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