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Etnia Cosmetics’ Classic Lipstick

Remember my last outfit post? I was saying I’ll probably make a review about the lipstick I wore. And here it is!

It’s one of my few lipsticks that aren’t tested on animals. I know, right? Poor animals!

And it’s also the only one that’s more natural (ok… besides the other from the same brand). I mean it when I’m saying “more natural” instead of “natural”. Just look at the ingredients (last picture).

We’ve covered two important points already. Let’s cover more:

I don’t remember exactly how I discovered the brand but I’m glad I did it because it has so many nice products!

Etnia Cosmetics is a Spanish brand and I bought this lipstick from El Corte Inglés when I was there, in Barcelona.

This is Etnia’s classic lipstick and I guess the shade is numbered, so it’s the 25 one.

It was really affordable. I paid only 5 euros but despite that, I think it’s worth more than a M.A.C lipstick.

I love the color and the creamy texture. Also, it’s moisturizing, which is great because I don’t have to feel like I would force a smile due to the dryness.

The only downside is that it wipes off easily and you have to be careful to not rub your lips against anything many times.







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