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Ethics/Sustainability Articles You Should Know About

“We had such a nice weather a couple of days ago! And because of it, there are moments when I don’t have electricity. So, here I am, writing this post on 7% remaining battery.” – last Wednesday

Yeah, the electricity came but came along with some other problems not related to it.

So, here I am now!

I’ve been reading much here and there and thought I’d share with you some helpful, educative links related to sustainability and ethics:

  1. In case you don’t know what vegan beauty, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion or other terms like these mean
  2. Yes, fake organic brands do exist!
  3. Some ways in which fashion destroys the environment these days
  4. Luxury products aren’t always made in luxury as many believe
  5. Here‘s also a pdf covering it and not only
  6. Summary of the disaster of Rana Plaza and what has been happening after
  7. Fragrance, an umbrella ingredient
  8. Animal testing. It’s also done on dogs and cats!


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