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Dress And Jeans

I guess it’s finally time for another outfit!

This is a first for jeans… but not for jeans and t-shirt combo. Because it’s a dress. And a sweatshirt. It’s too cold for wearing only a dress. Also, under the jeans, I wore some leggings.

They’re kind of basic things, though. Except for the coat and the sleeves of the dress, which are frayed at the end if you can see in the picture (I can’t). The end of the dress is also frayed. Talking about it, it can’t be said that it has a form.

I seriously need a closet renewal but the brands in my town have mostly one size: M.

Back to my outfit, none of these items are that new beside the bracelet. I bought it at a fair (Artisans Bazaar) last weekend and you have to check out the jewelry from the couple, Nada Stojici and her husband, who made it! Especially if you’re in Timișoara when fairs happen. They make handmade jewelry with really nice motives from brass. Sorry, but I don’t know his name.

My earrings are the ones with the Eiffel tower but my hair covers them. They’re my favorite.

My shoes have seven centimeters heels and velvety laces. They’re not the most comfortable but eh. They look good and are seven centimeters. I like looking and feeling higher. Hands up, under 1,70 m people!





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