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Dark Shades And Culottes

I guess today I wanted to try something new and this time the newness got to be in an outfit.

Thinking about the nice place which I’ll soon be in really does wonders for me! Which place? You’ll see soon if you haven’t already seen on my Insta. But a hint for you is that I’ve been there for a couple of times.

Back to the outfit, I swear it feels more comfortable with the coat on my back than with my arms in the coat! The sleeves are a bit too large for it.

Also, I don’t think the jumper should be off the shoulder but it’s a bit big for me.

Under the culottes, I wear burgundy thighs because it’s too cold outside.

Then, my boots have platforms and you can see it in the last picture, which is from my last outfit post.

My lipstick is something between orange and brown. And it’s creamy.

None of the items are new, but I’ve never worn the jumper, culottes and hair bow before. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever used this lipstick.

And what do you do when you have the greasiest hair possible because you wanted to wash your hair just a bit before arriving in that place? You put it in a bun, like me. Really, the hair bow is the only nice thing in that part.



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