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A Bit Of Layering For Colder Days

Days have gotten a bit colder, so outfits like the one for the cooler weather post can’t be worn again this year.

But keep calm because springy-summery clothes can still be worn with a bit of layering!

I wore the same pants, boots, and earrings with the People Tree t-shirt from this post. And together with these, I wore a khaki jacket from last year, a gray crop top, and some sporty leggings.

This was the outfit for the first day in Sibiu. I wanted to put a photo of me there, in this outfit but it was quite cold for it (around zero degrees) and also windy. Seriously, don’t wear this in that weather!

And I recommend not wearing a crop top under your t-shirt. It feels super weird.

So, you have this undershirt, this crop top, and this t-shirt. On the upper part, you’re covered by all three things and then you have the lower part.

Also, honestly, besides wearing it with high-waisted clothes, what’s the purpose of wearing a crop top with long sleeves?

Ok… Putting my dilemma aside (though I believe it’s not only mine), I talked about the clothes, earrings, shoes but not about my lipstick. It’s a liquid one from Etnia and, man, it feels so velvety! Shade number: 3

and a photo (the only nice one of me) from Sibiu:



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