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9th Grade Premieres

I’ve just finished the 9th grade. It’s so weird because it seems like yesterday was the first day of school and we didn’t know each other very well and our school and teachers were quite mysterious to us. So much has changed since then. Along with me, of course. But it’s been an amazing year. I mean, with ups and downs but who doesn’t have these?

For the premieres, we actually needed to be dressed in white and black but we were announced a bit late and my wardrobe consists mostly of colored items (Nope, I don’t have a black dress). I do have some black or white items but then I would’ve gone in leggings and a tee, so I think I chose well.

I wore a khaki high neck sleeveless top tucked in a floral dotted tulle skirt but many thought it was a dress. Also, my almost everyday combo of my brown bag and sandals can be seen here. I’d worn it last year too. As an accessory, I chose this green studded leather bracelet I’d found at a fair. It matches perfectly. My lipstick is actually a purple-grayish color but my phone takes amazing pictures, so I can’t show it pretty well.

My friends took these photos after the premieres. I can’t say I had a perfect light for the first and last ones but I’m thankful for them. Also, the pose in the second one is actually my reaction when I hear “Try other poses! Try more!”

I would do a great job modeling!

Skirt: UP (in Kapa Shopping Center Timișoara)

Top: New Yorker

Sandals: Bata

Bag: Mango

Lipstick: NYX Lingerie in “Embellishment”

Another mesmerizing pose (this one is entitled: “Beach in the park”):









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