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5 Pricey Products I Regret Buying

A while ago I was obsessed with beauty routines and what girls have in their bathroom on YouTube and also convinced myself that if I spend much on beauty products, I will get a much better result.

I took a ride through Sephora and a store with products from TIGI where I’ve bought very much and spent hundreds on 7 bottles/tubes with content that should’ve done something good to my skin and hair. I only put 5 of these on the list because the others have already seen the trash can. By hundreds, I mean around 700 RON which means around 150€.

These next products do nothing except for the hairspray which puts so much on my hair and gives it such a bad texture. Also, the moisturizer makes my skin feel bulky and the Shiseido pore minimizing thing does cool your skin (for 2 seconds if they matter). Otherwise, they’re more for the branding, smell and nice packages.

1.) TIGI Bed Head “Masterpiece” Massive Shine Hairspray

2.) Estée Lauder “Perfectly Clean” Multi-Action Creme Cleanser/Moisture Mask

3.) Shiseido Pore Minimizing Cooling Essence

4.) Benefit “The POREfessional” Primer

5.) Benefit “Puff Off!”








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