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15 Good Deeds To Do Besides Donating Money

It’s the tenth of January today and not too late to do something good. But honestly. When is it too late?

Some of us may have already started, others not. And some may have more money than others. And others may not want to donate money, whatever the reasons.

Ah! Never give money to people on the streets.

Why? You may think they will use it to buy food and other basic stuff but most of them won’t. They’ll use the money to buy alcohol in which they can cry their agony. I still remember the homeless guy from Spain who had boxes full of beer bottles. It was before 2012. And he’s not the first case I’ve seen. I’ve also heard others say the exact same thing.

Even if you give money to kids, they’ll give it to their parents. Yes. You guessed it. For alcohol. Also, those kids get beaten by their parents whether they bring money home or not. If I can call those people “parents”.

Also, there are people who fake their broken leg or whatever to get money. Then there are those who drug babies (usually stolen), so they’ll look like they’re sleeping, in order for you too have more pity for them.

Anyways, good deeds aren’t necessarily costly, so let’s start the work for a year of ten (highest grade)! At least in terms of doing those good things.

Here are some low-cost ideas everybody can use:

  1. More stuff or food than necessary? Give it to some homeless people, animals, kids with a home but neglecting parents, orphans or people who simply have a home but barely any money for them.
  2. If your intuition tells you that a kid is better off without their parents, just call the Children’s Protection in your country. Trust me. Some kids really need it.
  3. Volunteer. You can have so many opportunities to volunteer. Animal shelters, orphanages, concerts, and many others. You can learn many things, help put a smile on others’ faces, build friendships, have a great time and also, something that helps you at your university application.
  4. Cut down on animal products
  5. Compliment someone
  6. Listen to someone. But remember: there is a difference between listening to reply and listening to understand
  7. Sign a petition
  8. Plant a tree, flowers
  9. Teach someone
  10. Babysit
  11. Petsit
  12. Help with the groceries
  13. Pick up fallen things
  14. Read to a blind person you know
  15. Throw away others’ trash
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